We undertake all kinds of projects of a strategic and investment nature focussed on the valuation, the determination of risks and the evolution of demand and supply in your sector, offering a global advice service with tangible solutions as a support in the decision-making of your clients.

Our consultancy is based on the skill in statistical analysis and on the immense volume of sectoral data bases that we handle in combination with the expertise in studying the information, which enables us to model reliable predictive behaviour patterns adapted to our client’s requirements.

We can help you by aligning your basic needs to the following approaches:

STRATEGIC PLANNING, which lies in the integrity of economic figures based on solid market projections (demand, supply and prices).

DECISIONS TO INVEST in real estate asset portfolios for the determination of the value and profitability as of the moment in question until the redemption date.

FOLLOW-UP OF PORTFOLIOS OF REAL ESTATE ASSETS analysing the degree of cyclical exposure of each property in its market and the impact on the results.

DECISIONS TO DISINVEST in real estate properties for the determination of the optimal value of sale or liquidation.

STUDY OF THE FEASIBILITY of all kinds of real estate and urban planning projects.

MANAGEMENT AND COMMERCIAL POLICIES providing precise information with a high degree of geographical detail to anticipate market demands, which selectively identifies risks and opportunities by types of markets and client profile.

FINANCIAL STUDY OF YOUR COMPETITION OR CLIENTS analysing the financial statements and principal parameters of the sector.

We point out that the geographical scope of our studies completely covers all of Spain, reaching even micro-market levels of detail.