Statistical valuation models or AVM (Automated Valuation Model) allow the massive valuation of properties, providing results at effective market prices, with the advantage, as opposed to traditional valuation methods, of gaining in efficiency while saving time and execution costs.

All automated valuation systems have to be backed by an extensive, complete and updated data base, with the historical documentation necessary that allows statistical valuation methodologies to be effectively applied.

The purpose of these kinds of valuations may have different practical applications:


At Acuña we provide a complete statistical valuation service for all uses and typologies throughout Spain. Without detracting from other valuation models that you might find on the market, we are differentiated by the following:

Over thirty years specialising in the study of the real estate property cycle and its particular behaviour on local markets.

Since 2002 we have been selling automated property valuation services, having been pioneers in the application of statistical valuation techniques in the Spanish property sector.

We have one of the most complete data bases of valuation comparisons, deriving from over 1 million sale transactions, 4 million appraisals plus 9 million appraisal controls, perfectly typified and localised, as well as 15 million explicit sale offers.

We have information in relation to the general economic climate and the property and financial activity, which affects the basic behaviour parameters of the models in regard to demand, supply and prices.

We apply the same information processing techniques (cleansing, standardisation and enrichment) as those we use in our data bases with the client’s information, ensuring the correct identification of the property and its characteristics.

Our methodology comprising algorithms that aim to minimise error in estimates and correct deficiencies in the valuation with a high degree of precision and meaning that is more than satisfactory to be considered, statistically speaking, as a tried and tested model.

The real estate in the portfolio is valued asset by asset automatically in an individualised manner, thereby giving individual or aggregate analyses of the properties.

The results go above and beyond the current valuation of the asset, offering the possibility of obtaining predictive or retrospective price projections.

Technical validation and back testing of results.

Please note that the application of these kinds of techniques is advisable for assets that can be valued on a repeated basis and provided that the singularity of the property does not impede a representative comparison of the value on its particular market.