Information is the most important source of a company’s knowledge upon which all the tactical decisions of the business rest. The relevance of having an adequate strategy of information systems involves aligning the management objectives and data base maintenance with the needs of its users, providing operative, complete and veracious responses.

The main cornerstone of our organisation has been our specialisation in information processing, experience we have accumulated over more than thirty years of exercise in the handling, storage, and creation of data bases, originating in a heterogeneous catalogue of sources, processes that are the company’s differential identity and necessary for the exercise of our activity.

In this respect, we place at the disposal of our clients a data building service allowing them to get the most out of their data bases by helping them to optimise their information. The procedure of data building involves the sequential triggering of the following stages:

Data cleansing, cleaning profiles of the variables, identifying anomalies and treating duplicates.

Standardisation of variables, homogenising the information in formats suitable for their processing.

Enrichment of missing information, information crossing to fill in empty fields.

Enrichment of complementary information, information crossing to add additional entries that strengthen knowledge.

Incorporation of situation or dummy variables for the inference of fictitious variables suitable for your processes.

Enrichment of all kinds of information in relation to the identification, location and characteristics of the properties as well as providing other characteristics of a commercial nature, economics, environs, market situation, risks, opportunities, and so forth, to the different uses and purposes of the information.