Portfolio diagnosis analyses the value and characteristics inherent in a property portfolio, based on the situation of the local market in which each of the properties is located, determining the degree of cyclical exposure and the risks that condition performance.

Its usefulness is not limited to the valuation of the price of a portfolio or its assets, rather a risk study is undertaken on the assets, identifying the critical items and quantifying their impact on results, or an opportunity analysis indicating the items with more profitability.

The purpose of this service is directed at investors and financial institutions in response to cases such as the following:

Management planning.
Follow-up and diagnosis of property portfolios.
Adoption of selective commercial policies according to market, client or typology.
Decision-making in relation to investment or disinvestment.

Acuña offers a complete service of diagnosis of your property portfolio for a detailed control of risk exposure in each local market, namely, a complete decision and control map by: demand factors, supply factors, market factors, product factors, market share, liquidity and price.